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deployment via portable binary installer

Posted by ron ( ) on Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 4:42 PM.


I'm planning to deploy samhain, yule, and Beltahne II on my servers (~20). I'm using Void Linux which uses "runit" as init system (re-implementation of daemontools) and its own packet manager (xbps). Because there's no build-tools on the servers and root isn't allowed to login via SSH (use of deploy script not possible), I went for the "portable binary installer" using "make run" (seems to work fine, no warnings or errors). When I execute the resulting binary on a host, the installer cannot determine the Linux distribution and what init system is used. I expected the unknown distro, but didn't expect that the installer quits if it's unable to install the runlevel scripts. Is there a possibility to skip installing the runlevel scripts if using the "portable binary installer" (perfectly fine with me, writing own runit-scripts is not a problem)? Or is there a better option to deploy samhain on all servers?

thx for any help & inputs!


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