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15. Clients

This section is relevant for yule only. Section heading:


Entries must be of the form:

Client= hostname@salt@verifier

See Section 3 on how to compute a valid entry.

The hostname must be the same name that the client retrieves from the host on which it runs. Usually, this will be a fully qualified hostname, no numerical address. However, there is no method that guarantees to yield the fully qualified hostname (it is not even guaranteed that a host has one ...). The only way to know for sure is to set up the client, and check whether the connection is refused by the server with a message like Connection attempt from unregistered host hostname In that case, hostname is what you should use.


Problems and oddities encountered in client/server setups (like client messages from, server warnings about unknown/unresolved peer, etc. are always(at least so far) due to incorrect configuration of the DNS or the /etc/hosts file.

A surprisingly large number of hosts are not able to determine the own hostname, or reverse lookup adresses on the own local network. Don't bother asking about such problems — fix your DNS.

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