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5. Build

After configuring the source, to build samhain you just have to type the command:

        sh$ make

The standalone/client executable ( samhain ) and the log server ( yule ) cannnot be compiled simultaneously. You need to run ./configure && make separately for both.

If you want to use your native package manager for installation, you might rather want to build a binary package. samhain has support for RPM (rpm), Debian (deb), Gentoo (tbz2), HP-UX (depot), and Solaris packages. Instead of simply typing make , you need to type:

        sh$ make rpm|deb|tbz2|depot|solaris-pkg

This will create a custom binary package according to the options that you used when configuring the source (see previous section). For more details, see Section 2 .

If you don't want to include documentation, you can instead use:

        sh$ make rpm-light|deb-light|depot-light|tbz2-light|solaris-pkg-light

Finally, the Makefile supports building a portable (Unix) binary installer package based on the makeself installer ((c) 1998-2004 Stephane Peter). There will be no documentation included. Just type:

        sh$ make run
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