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8. The HTML server status page

yule writes the current status to a HTML file. The default name of this file is samhain.html, and by default it is placed in /var/log.

The file contains a header with the current status of the server (starting time, current time, open connections, total connections since start), and a table that lists the status of all registered clients.

There are a number of pre-defined events that may occur for a client:


The client has not connected since server startup.


The client has started. This message may be missing if the client was already running at server startup.


The client has exited.


The client has sent a message.

File transfer

The client has fetched a file from the server.


Startup without prior exit. May indicate a preceding abnormal termination.


The client has encountered a fatal error condition.


An unsuccessful attempt to set up a session key or transfer a message.


The client has discovered a policy violation.


No message (e.g. timestamp) has been received from the client for a defined amount of time (default 1 day, option SetClientTimeLimit).

For each client, the latest event of each given type is listed. Events are sorted by time. Events that have not occurred (yet) are not listed.

It is possible to specify templates for (i) the file header, (ii) a single table entry, and (iii) the file end. Templates must be named head.html, entry.html, and foot.html, respectively, and must be located in the data directory (i.e. localstatedir/lib/yule/, see Section 6 ). The distribution package includes two sample files head.html and foot.html.

The following replacements will be made in the head template:

%TCurrent time.
%SStartup time.
%LTime of last connection.
%OOpen connections.
%ATotal connections since startup.
%MMaximum simultaneous connections.

The following replacements will be made in the entry template:

%HHost name.
%TTime of event.

A literal '%' in the HTML output must be represented by a '% ' ('%' followed by space) in the template.

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