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12. Support / Bugs / Problems

If you have problems getting samhain to run, or think that you have encountered a bug, then please check the FAQ first.

If your problem is not anwered there, you can visit the user forum(which is searchable, by the way) and ask there for help (recommended for questions of probably general interest), or send email to .

Please remember that a useful problem report should at least include the following three items:

Please be sure to provide relevant details, such as:

12.1. If samhain appears to hang indefinitely

If you have the impression that samhain hangs indefinitely, this could be due to a deadlock caused by some rare circumstance (it is not possible to fully test all possible configurations of samhain ).

The most useful thing to do then is to recompile samhain with --enable-debug=gdb , start it in the foreground under the control of the gdb debugger, and get a backtrace as soon as it seems to hang:

        bash$ gdb ./samhain
        (gdb) run -t check -p info --foreground --forever
	(samhain output) 
        (gdb) thread apply all
        (gdb) backtrace
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